Apr 21, 2014
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The new album “4″ [coming in July] is now going free for all! Check out the latest tweet by the band:

Apr 4, 2014
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Mar 17, 2014
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Mar 13, 2014
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Mar 6, 2014
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Feb 16, 2014
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“Four” can happen, but we need YOUR help!

We have been a band 11 years and have never asked our fans for anything until now for a reason. That reason is we believe with your help we can prove that a Major Label is not necessary to put out great music that can be successful world wide. Together we can accomplish this and help set a trend of independent artist doing music for the sake of art and creation unbound by label bureaucracy and red tape. Help us in this endeavor and be handsomely rewarded through the perk system. Lastly I want to personally say thank you for reading this and even if you can’t donate you can still help by sharing these links and spreading the word however you can. Lets do this!
-Ronnie Winter

Find out all the amazing perks that come along with supporting Red Jumpsuit!

Feb 4, 2014
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We are the The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and we have teamed up with IndieGoGo to launch our first ever crowd funded campaign for our next full length album entitled “4″. We have been an independent band since 2011 and have many dedicated fans world wide so we decided to make this record with your help this time! What does that mean to you? Once in a lifetime opportunities such as jamming with the band, exclusive merch designs and even a chance to record with us in our professional studio in Florida. Help us keep independent artist thriving and donate today we need your help!

20140203115954-rjatee 20140203120006-rjahoodie

If you help out the band, you can get these two items above! Pretty sweet huh? Click here for more information!

Jan 17, 2014
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Vote here or by clicking on the picture above!

Dec 30, 2013
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Get ready for a new album! Red Jumpsuit is getting ready to release their new album “4″ in the upcoming year, 2014! Get ready!

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.29.52 PM

Dec 23, 2013
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