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I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been so busy with schoolwork and my personal life. I promise to update the site again…starting NOW!

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Meet The Band
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Hometown: Middleburg, FL
Ronnie Winter / Joey Westwood / Randy Winter / Matt Carter / John Hartman
Ronnie asked Randy and Jesse if they wanted to start a new project and they decided to pass so Ronnie recruited friends from his High School (Middleburg High School) to start playing his songs. Many friends came and went over the next year but Ronnie Winter and Duke Kitchens pushed through all the changes and finally settled down with Elias Reidy and Joey Westwood. At first Ronnie was still playing drums but then asked local drummer Jon Wilkes to play his parts so he could sing. The rest, as they say is History....
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    Tour Dates
    April 02 - Emerson Theater - Indianapolis, IN
    April 03 - The Outpost - Kent, OH
    April 04 - Park Street Saloon - Columbus, OH
    April 08 - Heirloom Arts Theatren - Danbury, CT
    April 09 - Stanhope House - Stanhope, NJ
    April 10 - Santos Party House (NYC) - Manhattan, NY
    April 11 - SIMONS 677 - Providence, RI
    April 12 - Crocodile Rock Cafe - Allentown, PA
    April 15 Empire - Springfield, VA
    April 16 - Canal Club - Richmond, VA
    April 17 - ROCK - IT FEST - Greensboro, NC
    April 18 - Beach Boulevard Concert Hall - Jacksonville, FL
    April 19 - Backbooth - Orlando, FL
    April 25 - FREEDOM FESTIVAL - Centurion, South Africa
    April 27 - FREEDOM FESTIVAL - Cape Town, South Africa
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